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What you can expect from Adult Foster Care.......

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Do you recongnize these signs?

Adult Foster Homes, also known as Adult Care Homes, are single family residences that offer care in a home setting. The State inspects and licenses Adult Foster Homes, insuring that providers and caregivers meet certain standards. Consumers prefer Adult Foste Care because care is given in a home setting and is often more affordable than other care facilities. Adult Foster Homes offer medical and personal care in a manner that encourages independence and improves the quality of life.

With our 24/7 staffing, Adult Foster Homes maintain a secure and reliable residence. We protect and encourage your dignity and decision making. Our homes fulfill your care needs with personal one on one attention.

Listed below are some of the signs that may indicate that a move to an Adult Foster Care Home may be appropriate

Difficulty preparing meals or maintaining adequate nutrition.Forgetting to take vital medication or taking the wrong medication.Inability to take care of daily personal needs such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, shopping, cooking, laundry or transportation.Ongoing illness or a need for rehabilitation.Withdrawal from family, friends and activities which used to bring pleasure.Difficulty coping with feelings of depression, anxiety or fear.Mental confusionFamily and friends are no longer able to provide adequate care and support.

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